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Buchart Horn Receives 2018 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award for Pine Creek Bridge No. 11

Pictured from left to right: Steve Shanley (Allegheny County), Michael Burdelsky (Allegheny County), Jeanna Fisher (Allegheny County), Jack Roseman (A&A Consultants), Noreen Karolski (Buchart Horn), Dave Augustine (JMT), and Michael Dillon (Allegheny County)

On November 3rd, the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Pittsburgh Section held its annual Past Presidents Celebration. During the awards portion of the night, BH was presented the 2018 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award in Category A: Project Less than $7,000,000 for Pine Creek Bridge No. 11 in Allegheny County, PA.

Replacement of Pine Creek Bridge No. 11 presented a number of challenges related to the structure and the adjacent site. The existing bridge was a single-lane, single-span, 58-foot thru-girder structure carrying East Pennview Street (Pine Creek Bridge No. 11) over Pine Creek in Shaler Township, Allegheny County. The curb-to-curb width was 14 feet, and the roadway geometry is on a horizontal curve and tangent across the bridge, with a vertical curve and superelevation transition.

The new bridge is a two-lane, prestressed concrete adjacent box beam superstructure with a single span of 68 feet, 6 inches. The curb-to-curb width is 34 feet and allows for a buffer zone for pedestrians.  Key design issues included railroad coordination, utility considerations, maintenance of traffic, alignment improvements, and an environmental site assessment.

Earlier this year, BH received the 2017 ABCD Award for Outstanding New Single-Span Bridge from the Association for Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) Pittsburgh Chapter for the same structure.