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Logan P. Dukehart Joins York’s Architectural Group as a Mechanical Designer

  • Logan Dukehart

Logan P. Dukehart has joined BH’s Architectural Group as a mechanical designer. Logan brings a fresh look to the mechanical aspects of HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing graduating from the University of Maryland in 2014. Logan currently resides in Maryland and is planning to relocate to Pennsylvania in the upcoming month.

At the University of Maryland, Logan competed in the University’s Design Day with his group’s ergonomic lecture hall seat and won the Human Factors award rewarded to the team that took into account the relationship of their device with the end user most effectively. He intends to continue his education in the field and pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

His experience in the mechanical field has been with precise liquid dispensing of pharmaceutical grade fluids from Intellitech Inc. He has worked with industrial grade conveyor and scanning systems for processing, organizing, and shipping bulk quantities of books from Penguin Random House. He has redirected his focus towards the private sectors of mechanical to broaden his experience in the field of HVAC and plumbing.

In his pastime, Logan enjoys working on cars and solving performance issues as well as designing more efficient HHO cells for possible car uses in the future. He keeps an active life style including hiking, lifting, snowboarding, and playing soccer with his fiancé and family.