Peanut Drive Reconstruction, Phase I and II, Conewago Township Board of Supervisors, PA

The Municipal Liquid Fuels Program available through PennDOT “funds a range of projects to support municipalities construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of public roads or streets.” Conewago Township, Adams County was the first municipality in the State of Pennsylvania to use this funding program to reconstruct 1,500 linear feet of street using Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) for a portion of Peanut Drive. Appointed Township Engineer, P. Eric Mains, PE, noted “when we began to look at the numbers…using RCC meant the investment they put into this road would last a whole lot longer,” since the RCC product provides a much longer service life.

Looking to maximize their road construction dollars using this new road technology, the Township relied on BH to develop and secure PennDOT approval of a pilot project to use RCC on Peanut Drive. The pilot project was required because while the RCC specifications were nearing final approval by PennDOT, they were not yet part of Publication 408 and, therefore, not eligible for use in a Liquid Fuels Project.

This project was featured in the sustainability issue of Insight Spring 2016.