L-3 Close Security Housing Unit Design/Build, State Correctional Institution Pine Grove, PA DGS

Buchart Horn was the design/build architect/engineer responsible for preparation of final construction documents from the bridging documents provided by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

The LEED-certified building project is located at the State Correctional Institution at Pine Grove, PA. The new construction consisted of a 128-cell L-3 (Close Security) housing unit of approximately 33,000 SF to accommodate the current prison population, alleviate problems of overcrowding, and provide for increased operational capacity.

The housing unit design was accepted as the new prototypical standard of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in accordance with National Corrections Association standards. The triangular floor plan and central control room allows for monitoring the two-story dayroom and all cells. Each cell has a vertical slotted window and a secured view to the dayroom.

Energy conserving features include energy management control systems, high efficiency motors, lighting, HVAC systems, and any other items necessary to achieve LEED certification.