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Pain at the Pump: Eight States Increase Gas Tax

In our latest issue of Insight, our “Pain at the Pump” (page 13) article discussed how a gas tax increase can help to maintain world-class infrastructure. At the time of publication, New Jersey legislature passed a 23-cent gas tax increase to ensure the solvency of transportation funding going forward but was awaiting the signature of Governor Chris Christie.

Now in effect, the increase took New Jersey from the second lowest state tax to the eighth highest. New Jersey was not the only state to increase their gas tax. On January 1, 2017, Pennsylvania raised prices 7.9 cents, Michigan 7.3 cents, and Nebraska 1.5 cents. Additionally, Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, and Florida increased their gas tax.

Check out the infographic of the map of the United States to see where your state ranks for state tax on gas sales.

Gas Tax Increase