Bringing Practical Ingenuity to Transportation Engineering (Spring 2018)

In this issue, we explore transportation challenges and the effects on their respective communities.

Heth’s Run Bridge
A Miracle In Memphis
On-Call Engineer
Aiding A City In Recovery
Rave Reviews

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Protecting our Assets (Summer 2017)

InsightSecuring the integrity of our infrastructure assets is essential to maintaining national security and our way of life.

In this issue:

  • Security for the Built Environment
  • To Serve and Protect
  • Protecting Those in Blue
  • Safe Spaces
  • Enclosed from Man and Nature
  • Security Challenges Abound

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The Politics of Design (Fall 2016)

InsightIn this issue, we explore the effects of funding and stalemates on the design and construction of our nation’s infrastructure.

  • Louisiana Windfall Down the Drain
  • The Funding Gap
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Asset Management Plan
  • Chesapeake Bay: The Growing Environmental Restoration Economy
  • Pain at the Pump
  • Lead in Our Water
  • The York Water Company

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Designing Sustainability (Spring 2016)

InsightIn this issue, we explore creating viable environments, communities, and economies.

  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Planning an Urban Greenway
  • Designing a Sustainable Maintenance Complex
  • Treatment Plant Efficiency

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