Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

BuchartHorn Headquarter Before Renovation Buchart Horn Headquarters Before Renovation
Buchart Horn Headquarters After Renovation

Sustainability should be thought about in broad terms, not only in terms of reducing energy consumption but also encompassing social responsibility and the creation of welcoming environments for people. Building and connecting can become an act of rejuvenating communities if design and planning consider that humans and nature are all part of the same system.

In 1991, when Buchart Horn began to look for a new corporate headquarters, our mission to strengthen our community began at home. York, PA is known as a historically industrial town, but the departure of industry from town in the late 20th Century left large but architecturally interesting buildings abandoned. The old York International factory complex was named as the city’s most difficult challenge in terms of blight. Buchart Horn worked with the then York County Industrial Development Corporation in developing the brownfield site into The Industrial Plaza of York. The plaza is home to a mix of industrial, commercial, and professional businesses. The influx of people into the area has had supportive influence on the community, as the plaza’s employees take advantage of being within walking distance of local restaurants, the YMCA, the farmers markets, and other specialty shops. We are proud to incorporate sustainability in our own needs by eliminating blight and brownfields; using existing infrastructure; and protecting Pennsylvania’s agricultural land from development.