Cedar Bridge Replacement Preliminary Scoping, Final Design, and Construction Services, Atlantic County Division of Engineering, NJ

Buchart Horn provided the final design to Atlantic County for the replacement of this steel stringer structure with a prestressed concrete slab beam bridge. BH investigated the impacts of raising the roadway profile and bridge elevation to improve the hydraulics of Patcong Creek, which frequently flows against the existing superstructure during storm events.

The project included significant environmental studies in this sensitive area including wetlands, threatened and endangered species, hazardous waste, and cultural resource investigations. The project also included right-of-way, accident, traffic, geotechnical and drainage studies, as well as formulating and evaluating geometric realignment alternatives to further improve the project area. Aesthetics were an important factor in this design, and considerations were given to construct a timber structure around the bridge to provide an aesthetic covered bridge appearance.

This project included construction services for the replacement of the Cedar Bridge on Zion Road over Patcong Creek. The new bridge is a pre-stress concrete slab beam superstructure with a concrete deck and parapet with architectural treatment. The substructure consists of a spread footing on steel pipe piles with concrete abutments and wingwalls. Construction services include an on-site inspector, shop drawing review, engineering support, and design of a drainage pipe.