High School Renovations and Addition, West York Area School District, PA

The final design process for the Senior High School began in September 1999. Instructional leaders, including core and specialty teachers, administration, the building advisory committee and the Board of Directors, provided significant input to the process.

The Senior High School was renovated and expanded to accommodate the highest projected student enrollment of 1,015 students for Grades 9-12. The building additions include a new library, cafeteria, and chorus room, as well as two art rooms, two Learning Support rooms, two general classrooms, a large group instruction room, and a new Science room. The kitchen was completely upgraded to function with the new cafeteria using a scramble system. The additions total approximately 29,000 SF to accommodate the educational program and enrollment.

The renovations include general refurbishing and replacing of building finishes; repair and replacement of the roof; installation of new indirect lighting; new heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system; and improving computer technology. Renovations also include reconfiguration of the Technical Education Wing, Music, Family and Consumer Science, Guidance, and administrative areas, as well as some Science and regular classrooms, and upgrading of the auditorium with stage repairs, new finishes, and new seats. Where possible, the renovations reused existing materials that were in good condition to extend the high quality of the original building, which was maintained in excellent condition for 42 years.

The school was prepared for 21st century technology with each educational space containing capacity for up to 32 computers. The technology area was transformed into a discovery and process center from skills teaching classrooms. The library center was doubled to over 4,000 SF, including periodical storage, AV equipment, workrooms, and conference/seminar areas.

The entire facility became handicap accessible and was upgraded to meet other codes.