New Municipal Services Complex, West Hempfield Township, PA

West Hempfield

The project scope includes design and construction of a new approximately 33,000-SF facility to house the West Hempfield Administration, Police Department, and West Hempfield Fire and Rescue Company.

The site for the new Municipal Complex is a five-acre parcel located across the street from the existing facility. Design of the new complex will be based on the program provided by the Township in the Request for Proposals: Police Department, 9,500-10,500 SF; Fire Department, 15,000 SF; and Administration, 2,500 SF. The Owner will contract directly with a civil engineering firm to handle site design, land development, and stormwater management.

BH will work with the civil engineer along with the Townships IT/Security vendor. It is expected the new facility will meet accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement.