United States Avenue Bridge Replacement, Lindenwold, NJ

The United States Avenue Bridge in Lindenwold, NJ was constructed in 1904 to carry United States Avenue (County Route 699) over the Camden and Atlantic Railroad. The bridge consisted of three simply supported steel through-girder spans with an overall structure length of 31.7 meters. There are two tracks beneath the center span.

The bridge required full replacement due to its substandard condition and advanced deterioration. Structurally, the superstructure was in poor condition, and the bridge was given low inventory ratings. The bridge was functionally obsolete because of its substandard deck geometry, poor approach roadway alignment, and substandard vertical and lateral railroad clearances. The bridge had a sufficiency rating of 27.3. Rehabilitation of the structure was not considered prudent.

Pedestrian traffic had to be maintained during construction. The State Historical Preservation Office agreed that the existing structure had to be rehabilitated into a pedestrian bridge, as this structure is one of the best remaining structures of its type crossing the historic Atlantic City Line.

The Initially Preferred Alternative proposed a new bridge to the east of the existing bridge. The approach roadways were constructed on a new alignment to provide a conventional four-leg intersection of United States Avenue and Egg Harbor Road. The new bridge alignment was introduced on a large-radius curve consistent with the current posted speed limit for United States Avenue, and eliminated the sharp curves and speed reductions at both approaches required by the old bridge. The roadway cross section consists of two 3.6 m-wide traffic lanes, two 2.4-m shoulders, and one 1.8-m sidewalk on the new bridge’s western side.

BH performed the following tasks:

  • Structural and highway design
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Right-of-way research and engineering
  • Utility engineering
  • Maintenance and protection of traffic
  • Environmental permitting
  • Lighting design
  • Construction services