Sherman Street Intersection Improvements, Central York School District, York, PA

Mundis Mills

The Central York School District (CYSD) constructed a new high school located along Mundis Mill Road (SR 1012) just west of its intersection with Sherman Street (SR 1033). Mount Zion Road (SR 0024) also intersected Sherman Street about 1,100 feet east of the Mundis Mill Road intersection. While Sherman Street was the through road and both approach roadways were controlled by stop signs, the major traffic flow was along the approach roads and the 1,100 feet of Sherman Street between them. These two major “T” intersections contained geometric and safety deficiencies already contributing to higher accident rates, and would increase with the traffic volumes generated by the new school. It was BH’s task to redesign and improve these intersections.

Based on our review of the original Traffic Impact Study and field observation of the current operation at the intersections, BH determined adding capacity to or otherwise improving the intersections as they were would not address overall roadway safety issues and would not be cost-effective. BH thereby recommended a more comprehensive reconfiguration of both intersections and all three roadways in the immediate area.

After Agency and Public review, a preferred alternative was selected and BH began refining the proposed design.  BH prepared a signal warrant report for both intersections showing anticipated volumes at each intersection, warrants met as per PennDOT Publication 212, and the proposed signal phasing and timings required to provide the most efficient operation. BH made the recommendation to PennDOT and Springettsbury Township to interconnect both proposed intersections as well as the existing signalized intersection of Mundis Mill Road and the High School Entrance just north of the project area.

fter receiving approval of the design field view, right-of-way plans were prepared including property plats for all affected property owners. Upon approval of the right-of-way plans, CYSD began the process of acquiring the land needed to construct the proposed roadway improvements. BH assisted CYSD’s attorney in this process to help expedite the acquisition of the land.

To mitigate impacting the school bus routes, BH prepared a traffic control plan requiring the contractor to perform construction activities off of the existing roadway (fill slopes, drainage structures, sedimentation basins) until the last day of school in 2006. The contractor was then permitted to detour both vehicular and truck traffic (different detour routes) based on the detour plan prepared and complete the construction of the roadway pavement and installation of the traffic signals before the opening of the school for the next school year.