Penn State University, Water Storage Upgrades, University Park, PA

Penn State University’s water distribution system had very little effective storage. Following a hydraulic and water quality modeling exercise, BH determined several water storage upgrades were necessary.

Two elevated water storage tanks were raised in order to improve pressure in the system. A new 750,000-gallon elevated water storage tank was designed to fit in a very tight space on campus. This new tank is a multi-leg style with a dry riser where an altitude valve was installed, and the area surrounding the tank is designed to serve as a plaza and theatrical stage. This new tank had special structural design in order to eliminate wind rods on the lower portion of the tank and install climb prevention devices and a fabric canopy.

In addition to these elevated water storage solutions, BH designed a new 750,000-gallon ground storage tank with a mixing system and cathodic protection system and a three-pump booster pump station capable of delivering 7.8 MGD.