New Fire Station, York Area United Fire and Rescue, Springettsbury Township, PA

Buchart Horn, Inc. was asked to evaluate the existing Station 89-1 on East Market Street in York, PA to determine if it was a good candidate for reuse by the York Area United Fire and Rescue (YAUFR). A comprehensive study of call volume and response time was completed by YAUFR during the building study. After both reports were complete, it was decided due to site limitations and complications from emergency vehicles attempting to access a busy divided highway, a site located on the east side of the County should be selected for a new station.

Working with the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors, YAUFR Directors and members of the Springettsbury Volunteer Fire Company, the BH team developed a building program and schematic layout for a new, 15,500-SF fire station. The new facility includes program space for YAUFR Headquarters, career and volunteer firefighters, fire police, and local EMS. Part of the challenge was to create dedicated office space for each organization while allowing for an integrated working environment. It was decided that YAUFR Headquarters would be securely located on the second floor while the ground floor was organized to allow for afterhours use by each organization without effecting fire operations.

The fire station houses a four-bay vehicle section for two fire trucks, two ambulances, and volunteer vehicles; fire equipment rooms; living quarters; a ground-level meeting room; and a second-level headquarters office with a separate entrance for administrative functions. The drive-through fire bays include storage space, decontamination equipment, SCBA filling station, and gear storage areas. These areas use radiant floor heating to keep heat at the ground level as well as aiding in snow removal from returning vehicles, floor drying and preventing ice from accumulating around the overhead doors. A non-slip epoxy floor finish was also provided to prevent injuries and allow for simplified maintenance.

YAUFR officials and BH included several design features to help recruit and maintain volunteer fire fighter enrollment. A full-service kitchen, dormitory-style bunk rooms, a fitness area, and day room provide needed functions for employees during 12-hour shifts. BH/BA completed the successful design and construction of the new facility on time and under budget.