Little Antietam Creek and Grove Creek Stream Restoration, Washington County Soil Conservation District, Hagerstown, MD

Little Antietam Stream Restoration

BH provided work on approximately 3,100 feet of Little Antietam Creek and 600 feet of Grove Creek in Hagerstown, MD. The goals and objectives of the project included:

  • Eliminate stream bank erosion along the entire length of stream
  • Reduce nutrient loads
  • Restore form and function of the stream while working within the existing site constraints
  • Reconnect floodplain where possible

The ultimate goal was to reduce sediment and nutrient pollution by reducing erosion through this stretch of stream. BH worked on every aspect from cradle to grave including assessment, pebble counts, survey, reference reach survey and analysis, design, permit, and bidding.

The stream design incorporated many aspects of natural stream design such as floodplain reconnection, curvature realignment, bank stabilization, in-stream channel grade stabilization, and aquatic habitat enhancement and restoration.