Judicial Center 5th Floor Build-Out Design, York County, PA

Buchart Horn was responsible for the design and construction administration services for the build-out of the fifth floor of the York County Judicial Center. The build-out encompassed the entire fifth floor and included:

  • Two large multi-purpose rooms to provide flexibility for staff training and jury duty gathering spaces
  • Eight non-jury courtrooms, primarily to serve civil cases but functioning essentially like those found on the seventh floor in nearly all respects
  • Judges Chambers with better use of space; organized assistant area; group work spaces; improved connectivity to courtrooms; and a potential expansion of the President Judge’s chambers
  • Improvement upon and retention of the general layout with the concentric levels of security from the public access atrium lobby outward to the secure transport elevators and hallways, through the courtrooms and to the Judge’s chambers and ancillary spaces works well
  • Additional elevator public atrium space
  • Addition or expansion of existing HVAC units residing on the roof of the building and the basement, as well as air-handling equipment on the floor itself