I-12/Airport Road Interchange Stage 0 Congestion Management System Improvements Study and Planning, LA

BH conducted a Stage 0 Study to evaluate the feasibility of reconstructing the existing interchange at I-12 and Airport Road from a traditional “diamond” interchange to a single point urban interchange (SPUI). As part of the study, data was collected verifying the existing traffic conditions and land use in way of the interchange. Projected traffic conditions for the existing diamond interchange were compared to the projected conditions of an SPUI. This information, along with an estimated project cost and impacts, was compiled to form a Stage 0 Planning and Feasibility Report.

The SPUI concept evaluated in this study was developed for the purpose of assessing its practical feasibility. The concept was developed to an appropriate level of detail to provide a rational basis to compare the various measures of effectiveness of the existing interchange and the SPUI concept (average intersection delay, line of sight, right-of way footprint, etc.). Conceptual design elements were developed in accordance with guidance found in American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Chapter 10) and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s Report No. 345 – Single Point Urban Interchange Design and Operations Analysis.

BH’s services included:

  • Sight distance analysis
  • Field inspection and inventory
  • Crash data analysis
  • 24-hour traffic counts
  • Delay study analysis
  • Safety issues summary
  • Conceptual design in accordance with Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) guidelines
  • Coordination with Parish officials, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, and LADOTD
  • Preparation of Stage 0 study and report, environmental checklist, and cost estimate