Downtown Intermodal Transportation Facility, Derry Township Industrial & Commercial Development Authority, Hershey, PA

Hershey Intermodal

BH developed an intermodal and parking facility in Derry Township, Dauphin County, PA. Hershey Entertainment and Resorts (HE&R) owned the existing property. The construction of this facility was part of a broader plan to revitalize downtown Hershey.

Project considerations included:

  • Concurrent renovation of a department store into first floor retail spaces as well as office space on the upper floors for HE&R
  • Construction of museum to the memory of Milton S. Hershey
  • Large-scale redevelopment of the properties immediately west and south of proposed parking facility site
  • Realignment of Route 743 toward the east

The scope of work included designing a 595-space parking facility, accommodations for local bus traffic (including CAT and COLT buses); potential future connection to the Corridor Two light rail station adjacent to the Norfolk Southern Railroad, including expansion to four tracks, connection to a future trolley line immediately north of the Norfolk Southern Railroad, extension of a nearby hiker/biker trail to the facility, including accommodations for bike storage, and potential connection to HE&R’s future tram system.

The project was divided into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: A two-level, 252-space parking structure along the east side of the site, primarily for the occupants of the Posers Building
  • Phase 2: Demolition of the Hershey Laundry to make way for the subsequent construction
  • Phase 3: A three-level, 343-space structure along the north side of the site, designated for use by the future westward development and intermodal interests. This structure’s Study Phase – and a majority of the Design Phase – ran concurrently with Phase 2 for the east side work, ensuring a fully integrated facility. This phase of the project also included a 10-foot wide, 140-foot long clear span pedestrian bridge.