Final Design for Full-Depth Turnpike Reconstruction, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, PA

This 13-mile reconstruction project required close coordination with Township officials, special studies to determine optimal median width, and the disposition of existing bridge and drainage facilities, major side road relocation designs, maintenance of Turnpike and local traffic during construction, pavement replacement design and construction strategies, bridge replacement strategies, right-of-way acquisition, and environmental permits for construction.

Under this agreement, BH’s responsibilities included the complete reconstruction of the Carlisle Interchange to accommodate widening of the roadway, including reconfigured entrance/exit ramps and a widened bridge over the mainline.

The first portion of the project, consisting of four overpass bridge replacements with adjacent roadway reconstruction, was developed through the Step 9 process and was completed in final design as a design/build contract.

Design included numerous safety improvements, adding a lane in each direction, widening the 10-foot medians to 22 feet, full-depth pavement replacement, reconstructing 12 bridges over the Turnpike, and replacing or rehabilitating 11 bridges that carry the toll road over local side roads and streams.

BH’s tasks also included replacing the existing drainage system, stormwater management, preparing documents for purchases of additional right-of-way needed for a wider mainline and vertically-adjusted overpass roadways, and assisting in preparation of environmental permits.

Beginning in November 1999, the schedule proceeded according to annually available construction dollars, and the staging of work to minimize disruption to local residents and their traffic patterns. In total, the project included the replacement of 23 bridges. BH completed work under this contract in 2012.