Dixon University Center Campus Enhancement Plan

In an effort to encourage its role as the System’s “campus away from campus,” the Dixon University Center (DUC) embarked on comprehensive renovations to three classroom and office buildings. Buchart Horn provided architectural, engineering, and IT design services to create aesthetic improvements, functional reconfigurations, and the creation of both Smart Classrooms (for teleconferencing and distance learning) and lounge space to accommodate the commuting student population in Duncan, Richards, and South Halls.

The work included replacing interior finishes and lighting, and providing appropriate provisions for data, AV, and telecommunications for the proposed new videoconference and Smart Classrooms. Buchart Horn’s interior designer provided assistance in DUC decision-making with regard to selections of furnishings.

Duncan Hall

Buchart Horn designed a new seating area for students to rest, study, eat, and socialize with peers; made recommendations for new paint, flooring, stair treads, and lighting at the front entrance of Duncan Hall. In the lower floor corridor, the floor level was adjusted to even out the floor.

Computer rooms were designed for additional computer stations and aesthetic recommendations were provided like specialty lighting to reduce screen glare. Videoconference rooms were renovated to accommodate new data connections for the necessary equipment. These rooms are complete with acoustical panels to contain noise and black-out windows, and recommendations were made for specialty lighting for the podium and around the video screens.

The library was converted into a computer classroom with a team/pod computer station set-up. The HVAC system was renovated to handle the additional heat from the additional computers. The bookshelves and art gallery were moved to different location.

Classrooms were converted into Smart Classrooms providing the proper data and power connections to support the new equipment along with new paint, carpet, acoustic controls, and furniture. Specialty lighting was used for the ability to direct light away from the computer screens.

The new Student Lounge boasts a seating area, computer stations, and vending machines. The furniture, paint, and carpet selections led to an internet café atmosphere.

Paint, carpet, and furniture were replaced throughout the building including administrative offices, classrooms, and corridors. Signage and wayfinding aids were improved to help guide students and faculty.

Richards Hall

In the new Anatomy Room, the work includes replacing interior finishes; task lighting for exam areas; a wash sink; appropriate room and cadaver table ventilation; and providing appropriate provisions and space for seven curtained exam cubicles, a cadaver (dissection) table, and a lithotomy table.

Video conference rooms were renovated with additional amenities as well as for a card access security system.

South Hall

New paint, flooring, and furniture recommendations were made for all of the corridors, public areas, offices, and classrooms. Classrooms were converted into videoconference rooms and storage areas were created for furniture and new HVAC access panels.

Two classrooms were made into Smart Classrooms with the addition of necessary technology upgrades and power/data connections for the new equipment and sound system. Two other classrooms were renovated to have new multimedia technology and requisite power and data availability.