Coronado Park Area Drainage Improvements, St. Charles Parish, Luling, LA

St. Charles Parish selected Buchart Horn, Inc. to develop a stormwater watershed report of Coronado Park and Coronado Park West Subdivisions to identify and prioritize conveyance improvements and evaluate the capacities of the Coronado Pump Stations located along Primrose Drive on the West Bank of St. Charles Parish.

St. Charles Parish approved the Coronado Park Area Drainage Improvements Report and issued BH to provide Coronado Park Area Drainage Improvements and Pump Station Upgrades. The conceptual design report detailed a conceptual design for both pump stations and prioritized the recommended conveyances.

The drainage sub-area consisted of approximately 66 acres and is a portion of the Cousins’ Watershed according to the West Bank Master Drainage Plan furnished by St. Charles Parish Department of Public Works. This watershed has a history of significant street flooding during normal rain events. Coronado Park Subdivision was designed and developed approximately 35 years ago in a rural area comprised of grasslands. Two pump stations serving this sub-area were designed using these open grasslands as storage aiding in the retention and percolation of stormwater runoff into the subdivision. Due to development surrounding the subdivision, an increase of stormwater runoff infiltrated into Coronado Park Subdivision creating drainage issues and insufficient pump station capacities.

The project improved the system, so it could adequately provide inflow into the pump stations in the area. The project area, located in a subdivision, was characterized by very tight rights-of-way.