Main Lobby and Wing C Renovation, Command Headquarters Building 11, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, PA

Tobyhanna Headquarters Renovation

BH provided professional architectural and engineering services for renovation work in the Command Headquarters facility at the Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) in Tobyhanna, PA.

This project consisted of designing repairs and renovations for the main entrance lobby and the second floor of Wing C in the Command Headquarters building that would be consistent with a design aesthetic previously developed by BH for the adjacent Mission Operations facility. The renovations in the Headquarters facility are the first in a series of renovation projects that will ultimately lead to the upgrade of the entire Command Headquarters facility. Future renovation projects in this facility will be extensions of and consistent with elements designed into this project.

Design efforts included architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, fire protection, environmental, civil, and interior design and documentation. The result was documents for two individual construction solicitation packages; one for the lobby renovation and one for the Wing C renovation.

Upon commencing with the project, TYAD modified the contract to expand our services to include the design development and preparation of individual solicitation packages for the systems furniture for the project areas. To ensure best value and allow TYAD to better compare various systems, we conducted a furniture mock-up demonstration at the installation involving four different systems furniture vendors.

This project highlights extensive renovation and rehabilitation design services in eight different disciplines, the development of bridging documents to enable phased construction and related facility planning work within the indefinite delivery contract that prefaced much of the design.

Additionally, BH designed a subterranean tunnel linking the Command Headquarters lobby with the Mission Operations exhibition corridor. Combined, this area forms a promenade that the Depot intends to be the showcased tour route for visiting dignitaries. A computer-generated “fly-through” simulation and photo-realistic renderings were created for both projects to help the client better understand the proposed design.