Building 2 Swing Space Alterations, Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA

Buchart Horn provided programming, construction document, and limited construction administration services to reconfigure approximately 100,000 SF of Building 2 in Bays 1, 2, and 3. The renovation/adaptive reuse project included interior alterations in two 200-foot by 200-foot bays for use as administrative “swing space” for mission personnel temporarily displaced by renovation projects undertaken in other areas of the Depot. The third bay incorporated a food service/dining facility and classrooms. A separate furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) solicitation was prepared to furnish the reconfigured area.

Bays 1, 2, and 3 are currently a warehouse. Bays 1 and 2 were renovated to provide temporary administrative space for three major directorates. These directorates were relocated while the Mission Operations Facility in Building 1A (also designed by our team) is being modernized. Each directorate is housed in an office suite that accommodates a Director, Deputy Director(s), and office support staff. Each of the suites also features a conference room and a reception area.

The open office space contains conference rooms, toilets, break rooms, file storage, secure storage, vending, and telecommunication, electrical, and utility rooms. More than 700 systems furniture workstations were installed. In addition to the acoustic panels in the systems furniture, other sound attention features, like the sound baffles at the ceilings, have been designed to enhance the working environment.

Bay 3 was partially renovated to include industrial training classrooms and a food service area with dining room, food court, and food preparation kitchen, including dry storage and cooler units. The dining space and court services all of Bays 1, 2, and 3 and is also open to the rest of the Depot to allow for renovations to dining rooms and kitchens elsewhere on the installation. Exterior improvements included a new building entrance, skylights, and windows. A new main entrance was constructed at the front of the building to provide ADA access to the building and included an entrance canopy above the doors to the vestibule along with new stairs and ramp. A series of skylights have been installed over the main aisle in the open office areas to allow daylighting to penetrate within the building. New windows were added to the north and east sides of the building to provide views to the outdoors. The exterior improvements were designed in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection requirements. The improvements also had to meet the installation’s design standards. The Buchart Horn team was responsible for the design of all required demolition and new work related to the site work, architecture FFE design; structural; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; plumbing;, and fire protection systems (sprinkler and fire alarm); HazMat abatement; electrical power, communications, data; and special systems. The project was designed in three phases but was constructed in a single phase.

During construction, BH provided limited construction administration phase services, including shop drawing review and technical assistance for requests for information.