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PACE Resources, Inc. Awards Three Scholarships

One of the many benefits of working at Buchart Horn (BH) is the option for our employees’ children to apply for scholarships from PACE Resources, Inc. Congratulations to the 2016 scholarship recipients.

Nathan DeardorffNathan Deardorff, son of BH employee Randy Deardorff and his wife Carla, was awarded the $2,000 Russell Horn Sr. scholarship. Nathan will be entering his senior year at Temple University, where he is studying civil engineering.



Kathryn MaysKathryn Mays, daughter of BH employee LaDawna Mays and her husband Jon, was awarded a $1,000 PACE scholarship. Kathryn will be entering her sophomore year at York College of Pennsylvania where she is studying graphic design.



Alex CramerAlex Cramer, son of BH employee Rob Cramer and his wife Christina, was awarded a $1,000 PACE scholarship. Alex will be entering his junior year at Penn State University, where he is studying finance.