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Response to City of Harrisburg & Commonwealth of PA Complaint

In 2003, Buchart Horn was paid $48,000 to prepare a report on the technical and financial feasibility of the proposed Barlow retrofit. The report questioned the ability of the, then proposed, retrofit to carry the financial load the Authority would have to carry when it was completed.  Despite that recommendation, the City decided to proceed.

Having been served with the Complaint today, May 23, 2018, Buchart Horn denies the claim that it bears any responsibility for the financial losses claimed by the City of Harrisburg, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other plaintiffs in the recently filed Commonwealth Court lawsuit. The statements in the recently filed Complaint, though few in number, contain numerous misstatements and non-factual conclusions. Management and counsel will respond appropriately.

We are confident that the evidence will show the misstatements made regarding Buchart Horn’s work on behalf of the City and the lack of a claim against Buchart Horn. Our actions were entirely appropriate and consistent with professional standards.