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Appreciating the Past While Looking Forward

We gratefully acknowledge the many messages of sympathy, respect, and appreciation expressed for our co-founder, Russell E. Horn, Sr. who passed away on December 4, 2013 at the age of 101.

While not involved in the day-to-day operation of the firm for more than a decade, Senior, as he was known to all Buchart Horn employees, maintained a keen interest in the challenges and successes of the organization he founded in 1945 with childhood friend and renowned architect, Clair S. Buchart.

His passing is a great personal loss to his family and to those of us who have worked with him for years, Senior, in his wisdom, always focused on the future. He left us with a vision for the road ahead with mile markers clearly delineating the continued progress of Buchart Horn, Inc.

Russell positioned us to confidently and securely advance on the road to enticing opportunities and exciting challenges. He demanded a strong financial footing for the firm and founded it on sound business principles so that the organization he worked so hard to grow would adjust and adapt to economic cycles, shifts in technology, and changes in the industry.

Those deliberate, well-constructed and tested plans included a financially sound, incremental process that protects his legacy and ensures that his memory will be best served by the continued success of the company he founded with the ownership structure he created. Russell built Buchart Horn for the future. A great man has passed the baton to leaders he mentored and positioned to carry on this company that has made history. We continue on the road he established, happy to honor and advance his legacy.

The past is important to our firm—lessons learned, values forged, successes achieved. Standing atop what we have built and learned has always given us the best view of the road ahead and the road ahead looks promising for Buchart Horn and our clients.