William L. Meals, III

Vice President – Business Development


Bill Meals

As BH’s Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Meals is responsible for directing corporate business development and marketing efforts to expand the firm’s client base and for tracking the effectiveness and costs of the firm’s sales and marketing efforts. His responsibilities include client liaison and developing and managing the firm’s sales and marketing programs and staff, including supervising regional Client Services Directors and coordinating the writing, editing, and production activities of the firm’s staff of Proposal Coordinators, Graphic Artist, and administrative personnel. Mr. Meals also advises the President of the company in establishing an annual sales goal; he tracks sales, compares projected to actual sales, and identifies and adjusts the firm’s marketing strategies to reflect positive and negative market trends.

Mr. Meals joined the firm in 2004 as Client Services Director for Environmental Services. He has a degree in Sociology/Psychology from Lock Haven State University.