SR 0286 Bridge Replacement Design, PennDOT District 12-0, Westmoreland County, PA

Buchart Horn provided preliminary engineering and final design services to replace the bridge carrying SR 0286 over SR 0066 in Washington Township, Westmoreland County. SR 0286 is a Rural Major Collector (Community Collector Rural) with a 2011 average daily traffic (ADT) of 2,010 and a design year 2031 ADT of 2,707. The existing structure was a three-span, continuous steel I-beam bridge supported on concrete pier bents and stub abutments founded on spread footings on rock.

Our firm evaluated four improvement alternates, including complete replacement options and rehabilitation options. The most cost-effective solution was a complete replacement of the superstructure. The replacement superstructure consists of a three-span, continuous superstructure of pre-stressed concrete box beams. Spans 1 and 3 have a five-beam cross-section with 48-inch by 33-inch spread box beams. Span 2 has five-beam cross-sections with 48-inch by 39-inch spread box beams. This option rehabilitated the existing concrete pier bents, constructed new concrete abutments, and provided a slope wall in front of each abutment to control erosion.

A detour was established to maintain traffic on SR 0286; therefore, no staged construction was required. Maintenance of traffic on SR 0066 required short-term lane closures for superstructure demolition and erection.