Riverfront Park Bank Stabilization, City of Sunbury, PA

Sunbury Riverfront

This engineering design project represents the culmination of an economic revitalization effort for the Sunbury Riverfront BH initiated with the development of a Conceptual Master Plan. The master plan called for design development of a riverfront park, recreational trails, a marina, and a large amphitheater opening toward the Susquehanna River.

Nearly one mile of shoreline along the project site had eroded over time, causing instability problems for the riverbank and USACE levee structure in addition to an old WPA floodwall. Special attention was paid to the existing levee system and floodwall design along with closure structures to ensure the integrity of the system. A detailed transportation analysis was conducted to assist the City in decision making on changing traffic patterns, their impact on safety and first responder needs as well as use and operation, and maintenance of the levee/floodwall system.

BH lead an expert team in conducting preliminary assessments and studies, schematic, and final engineering designs and provide bidding and construction phase services for the riverfront park and associated facilities. BH’s program management capabilities and project delivery systems were critical to our selection. Key to this effort is the design of appropriate stabilization and restoration measures for the riverbank and preserving the structural integrity of the existing levee/floodwall system with appropriately designed closure structures and rehabilitation, as needed. BH provided engineering design and specification writing support for structural and landscaping aspects of the design phases, along with overseeing the administration of more than $5 million in grants and performing all associated environmental permitting work. BH oversaw all geotechnical investigations which incorporated geophysical and non-invasive testing methods.

The BH team employed a tiered approach to address the challenges facing the City. First, we analyzed safety and security measures associated with the master plan to determine the needs for public protection, primarily for the levee and floodwall components. Second, we evaluated constructability, affordability, and sustainability to ensure the City had a long-term solution working for them. Finally, we integrated all aspects of aesthetics, historic preservation, and economic development to round out a safe, secure, affordable project that an attractive asset for the City’s redevelopment efforts.

This project incorporated all aspects of levee/floodwall/pump station and appurtenances planning and design, geotechnical investigations, surveying, ecosystem restoration, HTRW investigations, while integrating transportation and aesthetic enhancements for a project designed with multiple purposes. We have integrated CADD and GIS as project delivery enablers. BH’s team provided construction management services on this project, and were able to extend the scope and reach of CEMVN in this area as well for Title II or related services.