Green Streetscape Project, Phase II, Borough of Etna, PA

BH developed the concept and provided the design of the Green Streetscape Phase 2 supported by the PADEP Growing Greener and US EPA Section 319 Grants.

The second phase involved the reconstruction of the south side of Butler Street between Winschel and Freeport Streets as well as the reconstruction of the south side of Freeport Street between Butler Street and Cherry Alley. This phase involved the installation of planting areas with nine trees, 2,400 cubic feet of underground storage in two locations to promote infiltration, 1,800 SF of pervious pavers, a “Rain Parks”, downspout disconnection, and restatement to new conveyances and related work. Phase 2 also included planting areas adjacent to the municipal parking lot on Winschel Street.

The project included other improvements and traffic calming/safety features including 554 feet of realigned curbing to create bump-outs, 6,280 SF of new concrete sidewalk, 660 feet of 12-inch wide decorative ADA-compliant grate and trench, tree grates, six new curb ramps, and a new inlet to accommodate parking area drainage.