Green Streetscape Project, Phase I, Borough of Etna, PA

BH developed the concept and provided design and construction management services for a green streetscape along Butler Street, the central business district in Etna, PA. Consistent with the Pine Creek Watershed Implementation Plan under Act 167, the intent of the project was to reduce urban runoff and the frequency and volume of CSOs resulting from wet weather events. The project was supported by PA DEP Growing Greener and US EPA Section 319 Grants with a match by the Borough of Etna.

This first phase reconstructed the east side of Butler Street between Bridge and Freeport Streets as well as the reconstruction of the north side of Freeport Street between Butler Street and Union Alley. This phase involved the installation of 12 street trees, 2,300 cubic feet of underground storage to promote infiltration, 3,900 SF of pervious pavers, downspout disconnection, and restatement to new conveyances and related work.

The project entailed other improvements and traffic calming/safety features, including 562 feet of realigned curbing to create bump-outs, 4,776 SF of new concrete sidewalk, 403 feet of 12-inch wide decorative ADA-compliant grate and trench, tree grates, four new curb ramps, and two new inlets to accommodate parking area drainage.

Smart Growth design principles serve the economy, community, public health, and environment.

This project was featured in the sustainability issue of Insight Spring 2016.